Welcome to the Layne James Blog!

Written by Lydia Wright


Posted on September 12 2019

When Layne James Embroidery began in 2010, we built a great website for that time. Nine years later, the original website had become out of date and difficult to navigate. For the past several months, we've worked hard to make the new website a pleasant place to land. Please take a look around and check out all of the new features, including this blog. We hope the new and improved shopping experience will leave you with a smile.

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My intent for the blog space is to inspire you with relatable articles, educate you about things related to embroidery and monogram etiquette, and hopefully gain and grow new friendships.

We know your time is valuable and appreciate every moment you spend reading and shopping with us! When it comes to special items, we know you have a choice in where you shop.

Be particular about your purchases and always find us here at Layne James!



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