Happy Holidays! Love, The Wrights

Written by Lydia Wright


Posted on November 19 2019

The Wright Family, circa 2016
The Wright Family, circa 2016


When it comes to grammar, I’m a bit of an enthusiast about it being correct! I could attribute my passion to being raised by my English-major mother or to my bestie who is a writer/editor by trade (they will both be proofreading this, by the way!) I could even point my finger at my inspirational high school English teacher who instilled a deep love of this language in me. But when it comes down to it, it’s probably just my need for things to be wrapped up nicely with a pretty bow that makes me like I am.

Speaking of pretty packages, let’s talk about grammar at Christmastime. Do you know how to pluralize your last name? Do you care? You totally should and here’s why. Think of how much time you put into selecting coordinating outfits for those family photos that will go on a carefully chosen Christmas card template. You’ve worked so hard to get them picture-perfect and you want your words of holiday cheer to match!

I love my phone as much as the biggest tech-nerd out there, but here’s proof that your auto-correct will flat-out lie to you about grammar etiquette:

Goodness gracious! Thanks for the help, Apple! (Not!)

Anyway, instead of relying on your phone, here’s a handy little guide I recently found to help you figure out how to correctly sign your cards. (Sadly, I can’t locate the original source of this chart, but here’s a big shout-out to the person who wrote it!) When pluralizing your last name for Christmas cards, towels, garden flags, and the like, remember that you never need an apostrophe! If you are using your name in a possessive way (i.e. The party is at the Wright's Home.) then, and only then, will you add an apostrophe!


Don’t stress about this if you’re still confused. I assure you that you will be contacted when you place an order if any grammar is questionable. We’re just here to make your life easier!

Be particular about your purchases and always find us here to help at Layne James!




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